Resume and Portfolio

Skills summary

  • Editing: Expert-level line editor, copy editor, and proofreader of a variety of content, including digital, magazines, books, articles, annual reports, and technical papers, with a keen eye for detail and a strong grasp of narrative flow.

  • Writing: Highly skilled writer of reported articles, thought-leadership pieces, product reviews, and blog posts, with specialties in editorial content and ghostwriting.

  • Content strategy: Well-versed in auditing, analyzing, and planning content to support brand objectives, with an eye toward SEO and audience engagement.

  • Copywriting: Adept copywriter and UX writer with a focus on clear, concise, jargon-free messaging on product descriptions, CTAs, microcopy, menu items, and error messages.

  • Marketing: Accomplished at supporting and tracking B2B and B2C campaigns, including writing and editing email outreach, case studies, customer-success profiles, and social media posts, with a focus on conversions and nurturing qualified leads.

  • Communications: Talented at media relations, brand management, and press conference coordination, as well as at writing and editing press releases, op-eds, and official statements.

  • Project management: Expert at developing and managing workflows, processes, deadlines, and calendars for content production and publication across channels.

  • Style guides: Mastery of AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style; knowledgeable in AMA Style.

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Freelance writer, editor, and content pro, March 2012–present: Edit, write, ghost-write, and manage projects for a range of agencies, websites, magazines, books, and nonprofits, including:

  • Agency: Steyer Content (technical copywriter, 2023–present); Rightpoint/Genpact (copywriter, 2022–23)

  • Web: Linkwell Health (copy editor, 2024–present); Yahoo Shopping (editor, 2022–24); AWS Startups blog (writer, 2020–21) Entrepreneur (writer and editor, 2019–21); Healthline (writer and editor, 2017–21); HuffPost (writer, 2017–20)

  • Apps: Helped launch Facebook’s mobile news app Paper (2014) and Opera’s newsreader app (2016). Tasks included editorial and coverage strategy, competitor analysis, publisher partnerships, road mapping product features, and staffing across eight time zones.

  • Nonprofit: JED Foundation (copy editor, 2022–present); Coalition to Protect Rainforest Nations (copy editor, 2023–24); SAGE: Services and Advocacy for LGTBQ Elders (senior digital content manager, 2017–2019)
  • Project management: The Muse (editorial project manager, 2019–21); Center for HIV Law and Policy (PM on website overhaul, 2021); various magazines and websites (managing editor, 2003–14)

  • Print: Backstage magazine (copy editor, 2023–present); Melcher Media (line editor, copy editor, proofreader, 2002–present); HGTV magazine (copy editor, 2018–20)

Selected bylines 

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Additional experience

Senior editorial manager, content marketing, MongoDB, December 2020–October 2022

  • Wrote or edited all materials produced by the content marketing team, including blog posts, web pages, white papers, email marketing, and social copy, up-leveling quality while comporting with style.
  • Strategized and collaborated with cross-functional teams, including communications, legal, SEO, brand, design, project management, and product marketing.
  • Partnered with subject matter experts to make technical content and concepts clearer, easier to grasp, and more compelling.

Content writer and editor at Facebook/Meta, February 2019–November 2020

Senior content manager, SAGE: Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders, March 2017–October 2019

  • Developed and executed marketing and communications strategies to advance the organizational and programmatic priorities while serving core audiences of LGBT elders, donors, volunteers, policymakers, program partners, and funders.
  • Wrote and/or edited the nonprofit’s communications across all channels, including website, mobile, social media, email marketing, press releases, speeches, op-eds, and other collateral, ensuring strong brand messaging and consistency.
  • Project lead on Pride 2019/Stonewall 50 media plan, resulting in 5x more brand exposure vs. average, 4x more website traffic, a 665% increase in cross-platform social media impressions, and a 834% growth in followers.
  • Project lead on national LGBT aging awareness ad campaign that ran in Times Square. Tasks included copywriting, UX writing, casting, media buy, and more.
  • Developed and executed high-impact national media partnerships, including Airbnb,, and Aetna.

Senior editor, Mode Media, 2017–19
Copy director, TV Guide, 2012–14
Editorial operations manager, Huffington Post, 2010–12
Managing editor, print and online publications, 2003–14


Skills and tools

  • Project collaboration tools (Airtable, Slack, Trello)
  • Design tools (Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, Canva)
  • Web analytics monitoring and reporting (Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Meltwater)
  • Online marketing campaign tools (Constant Contact, MailChimp, Pardot, Sailthru)
  • WordPress and other CMSes


Bowling Green State University B.S. in Journalism and Popular Culture

Editorial writing,


I wrote many articles for the now-defunct website. I covered a diverse array of lifestyle content including music, sports, television, food, parenting, and fitness. A selection follows:

UX writing and product management,

I led a total site replatform and redesign for SAGE, a nonprofit that advocates for and provides services to LGBT elders. Working with Experience Lab, I scoped, wireframed, developed content strategy, conducted user testing, wrote UX copy, and did hands-on production, among other tasks. Please refer to the captions in the expanded view for details on each image.

Revamped homepage

SAGE’s old homepage was cluttered, confusing, and difficult to navigate. Indistinguishable blocks of content combined with endless drop-down menus left users feeling overwhelmed. The new homepage, with its clear content hierarchy and distinct user pathways, is easier to navigate.

Overhauled landing pages

The previous iteration of the site had long blocks of text and difficult-to-navigate content. The new landing pages are bright and informative, with clear calls to action. 

UX writing

I wrote UX copy and editorial copy for the now-defunct and Mode app. Please refer to the captions in the expanded view for details on each image.

  • Migration from standalone sites: When five standalone sites became channels under the umbrella, we wanted to assure users that they’d come to the right place and give them a tour of our new site.
  • Alerts and errors: A handful of the many callouts, alerts, and error messages on the site.
  • User onboarding: We wanted to encourage users to create a feed so their homepages would be filled with their preferred topics and creators, not just our default channels and content.
  • App Store download page: The copy for the iTunes App Store is bright but explanatory.
  • App introduction: This brief but enticing four-screen teaser carries over the brand messaging that users saw on the download page.
  • Bookmarklet/Story Builder: The original copy on this bookmarklet was confusing and obtuse. We streamlined it, christened it the Story Builder, and used plain language to communicate its purpose to users.
  • Story Builder extension: We switched to a bookmarklet button instead of a browser extension.
  • Creator sign-up ads: In an effort to encourage writers and creators of all types to build stories on Mode, we created ads.
  • Creator sign-up page: We take creators through an overview of what is and what they can expect, preemptively answering their questions, including what’s involved, how long it takes, and how much they can earn.
  • Creator explainer page: This page is a detailed run-through of what, exactly, a Mode story is, as well as a step-by-step of how to create one.
  • Publish screens: Messaging for various states of publishing.
  • Search engine results page descriptions: Not sexy, but necessary: SERP descriptions. The text is informational, inviting, and lively.